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Changes I’m making to my website design business in 2024

Welcome to 2024! It seems like just yesterday when I began my dedicated year-long exploration into website design. Reflecting on this journey, I’m amazed at the growth and evolution this venture has brought. As I set my sights on the year ahead, I’m excited to share the transformative shifts I’m bringing to my design business. These changes mark a new chapter and an invigorated approach, and I can’t wait to reveal them to you! Who knows, maybe these changes might ignite ideas for your own business strategies this year.

Rebranding to Good Hours Studio

A bigger mission

Transitioning from my personal brand, formerly aliciaburke.xyz, to Good Hours Studio is a pivotal step driven by a bigger mission. At Good Hours Studio, our mission is to streamline impactful design and communications for businesses and independent professionals. We are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of branding, copywriting, design, and development—to achieve more with less, and feel motivated in the process. 

We’re dedicated to “need to know” guidance only on how to plan, design, build, launch, and manage your website. Through structured project sprints, DIY resources, or engaging workshops, we meet our clients where they are at in their business journey to map the best way forward. The result? A focused, productive approach to owning a powerful business tool and marketing channel.

Alignment with my personal brand

Website design is a subset of my personal brand of marketing and operations leadership. Good Hours Studio serves as my platform to collaborate with clients on defined projects and develop resources that can benefit a larger audience. It’s an accessible space that extends beyond my individual capacity and welcomes contributors and partnerships. The need and solution require their own platform.

My personal brand can be found at www.aliciaburke.co. Here, I engage with businesses and individuals through consulting projects, mentoring, advisory, and speaking. It houses my upcoming writings on marketing, operations, knowledge management, and personal development.

Introducing more flexible sprints

When I first started offering website design at the end of 2022, I went the traditional route of breaking the projects into key phases over 4-12 weeks. By the end of 2023, I was able to comfortably offer what I had been working up to: “Website in a Day.”

Although the projects were successful, I came to realise that this approach isn’t suitable for every client. Its feasibility is influenced by factors like the content the client already has and their level of engagement in the process. While clients appreciate the structure and timeframe of the “Website in a Day” model, allowing slightly more time to review and communicate feedback improves the project outcome.

Given this feedback, I am keeping one day intensives as a way to refresh, optimise, or build out existing websites. My signature 3-5 page website builds will now have slightly more flexibility with a one to three week turnaround from signing. Lastly, I’ve introduced the small but mighty “One Page Website” to serve as an effective entry point or efficient solution for sales/landing pages. Learn more about the website sprints here.

DIY Website Course and Workshops

I am currently working on a DIY Website Companion Course for service-based businesses. The course covers the fundamentals of launching or revamping your own no-code website. Sign up to be notified of the early bird release here and view a sample of the curriculum below.

1. Course Overview

2. Planning

  • Website Goals & Objectives
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Assets
  • Branding Questionnaire

3. Design & Build

  • Creating Your Brand Board
  • Technical Setup: Domain, Hosting, WordPress, Elementor
  • Using the Elementor Page Builder
  • Page and Section Layouts
  • Visual Best Practices
  • Mobile Optimisation

4. Launch

  • Legal
  • SEO Basics
  • Testing & Finalising Your Website
  • Promoting Your Website Launch

Additionally, I have started to partner with co-working and professional development communities to run workshops for their members on the topics listed above. Get in touch if you are interested in running an event together or subscribe to hear about upcoming workshops.

As I look ahead to 2024, I’m genuinely excited about the new directions I’m pursuing. These shifts are aimed at creating more impactful and fulfilling outcomes, both for me and for my valued clients. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey; your support means a lot. Here’s to turning aspirations into tangible achievements in the year ahead!

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Alicia Burke
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