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Good Hours Studio is committed to simplifying your website design and build. We’ll meet you where you’re at in your business journey to amplify your impact through a clean, modern website.

I procrastinated building my own website for two years, then whipped it up in just one afternoon!​

I branched out as an independent marketing consultant back in 2020. For two years, I’d revisit my “new website” folder, constantly adding ideas and tinkering away. I even created a good enough site, then abandoned it.

So what changed? I had to call myself on my BS and work through perfectionist tendencies. Overplanning is in fact a form of procrastination. Marie Kondo and Building a Second Brain were key to helping me through this.

I realised it’s an ongoing process. I wasn’t building a website for what my business would look like in 5 years; I was building a website that would support my current phase and grow with me.

So I sat down one afternoon with a pen and paper, not opening any of my previous work, and wrote down in simple bullets: what needs to be on this site? What are the essential questions your potential clients need answered? Those were: What do you do? Who do you work with? How do you do it? Why should we work with you?

Armed with my knowledge of what makes for clean, simple web design, I used those questions as my roadmap and built my new site out section by section in a few undistracted hours. The pride and relief I felt when I hit publish is the process I’m eager to share with you!

Meet your sprint partner

Hey, I'm Alicia

I’m a self-taught web designer. I started offering website design and development in 2022 after 8 years of working in market research and investor-based organisations. 

I was a marketing generalist, covering everything under the sun from events, operations, and reporting to content, social, and PR. That’s why I know what it takes to come up with a strategy and move lean and fast.

I spent an entire year focusing on crafting my website sprints for business owners and independent professionals. I’d love to hear more about your goals and see if we’re a fit!

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